We asked these tool providers to share more information on how their solutions help companies with automated testing. Their responses are below.

Matt Klassen, CMO, Parasoft

Quality continues to be the primary metric for measuring the success of software deliveries. With the continued pressure to release software faster and with fewer defects, it’s not just about speed — it’s about delivering quality at speed. 

Managers must ask themselves if they are confident in the quality of the applications being delivered by their teams. Continuous quality is a must for every organization to efficiently reduce the risk of costly operational outages and to accelerate time-to-market.

Parasoft’s automated software testing solutions integrate quality into the software delivery process for early prevention, detection, and remediation of defects. From deep code analysis for security and reliability, through unit, API, and UI test automation, to performance testing and service virtualization, Parasoft helps you build quality into your software development process.

Parasoft leverages our deep understanding of DevOps to develop AI-enhanced technologies and strategies that solve complex software problems. Our testing solutions reduce the time, effort, and cost of delivering secure, reliable, and compliant software.

With over 30 years of making testing easier for our customers, we have the innovation you need and the experience you trust. Our extensive continuous quality solution spans every testing need and enables you to deliver with confidence. If you want to improve your software quality while achieving your business goals, partner with Parasoft.

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Jonathon Wright, chief technology evangelist, test automation at Keysight 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes the process of designing, developing, and deploying software faster, better and cheaper. AI-powered tools enable project managers, business analysts, software coders and testers to be more productive and effective, allowing them to produce higher-quality software faster and at a lower cost.

At Keysight, our Eggplant intelligent automation platform allows citizen developers to easily use our no-code solution that draws on AI, machine learning, deep learning and analytics to automate test execution across the entire testing process. It empowers and enables domain experts to be automation engineers. The AI and ML take on scriptwriting and maintenance as a machine can create and execute thousands of tests in minutes, unlike a human tester. 

Keysight’s intelligent automation platform is a completely non-invasive testing tool, ensuring comprehensive test coverage without ever touching the source code or installing anything on the system-under-test. The technology sits outside of the application and reports on performance issues, bugs and other errors without the need to understand the underlying technology stack. This is critical for regulated industries such as healthcare, government and defense.

AI-powered automation can test any technology on any device, operating system or browser at any layer, from the UI to APIs to the database. This includes everything from the most modern, highly dynamic website to legacy back-office systems to point of sale, as well as command and control systems.

The overarching goal of Keysight’s intelligent automation is to understand how customer experiences and business outcomes are affected by the behavior of the application or software. More than this, though, it is about identifying opportunities for improvements and predicting the business impact of those changes.

Gev Hovsepyan, head of product, mabl

Software development teams are realizing that automated testing is key to accelerating product velocity and reaching the full potential of DevOps. When fully integrated into a company’s development pipeline, testing becomes an early alert system for short-term defects as well as long-term performance issues that could hurt the user experience. The key to realizing this potential: simple test creation and rich, accessible reporting features. 

Mabl is low-code, intelligent test software that allows everyone, regardless of coding experience, to create automated tests spanning web UIs, APIs, and mobile browsers with 80% less effort. Using machine learning and AI, features like auto-healing and Intelligent Wait help teams create more reliable tests and reduce overall test maintenance. Results from every test are tracked within mabl’s comprehensive suite of reporting features, making it easy to understand product quality trends. With test creation simplified and quality data at their fingertips, everyone can focus on resolving defects quickly and improving product quality. 

Mabl also includes native integrations with tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Jira, so that testing information can be seamlessly integrated into workflows and everyone can benefit from mabl’s rich diagnostic data. These reporting features include immediate test results as well as long-term product trends so that quality engineering teams can support faster bug resolution and monitor their product’s overall performance and functionality. This allows software development teams to shift from reacting to failed tests and customer complaints to proactively managing product quality, enabling them to spend more time improving the customer experience.