Wind River has announced the latest version of its simulation tool, Wind River Simics. Simics allows for the simulation of systems of any size, allowing developers to finetune their CI/CD practices and develop a DevOps culture, the company explained.

According to Wind River, this latest release includes performance improvements, easier model definition, new target consoles, updated instrumentation framework, and modernized tooling to make it easier for developers to integration Simics into their pipelines and processes.

The new features will facilitate a DevOps approach that will allow for faster development, testing, and delivery of products, Wind River explained.

“Simics helps our customers adopt CI/CD practices for embedded development, resulting in increased product quality and accelerated time-to-market, and it facilitates the adoption of a DevOps culture,” said Michel Genard, vice president of product at Wind River. “Furthermore, customers have recognized Simics to have the best cyber test bench for simulating an unlimited number of attack vectors, significantly reducing security vulnerability exposure.”

More information is available here.