Tricentis announced a number of updates, including Tosca 15, with which customers can manage their installation more easily and securely in the cloud with the Tosca server gateway. 

The new update service in Tosca 15 enables customers to more easily keep up with features by downloading individual engines or components of Tosca. 

“To help you build and deliver cloud-native and mobile applications, we’ve upleveled our Tosca mobile testing capabilities, and added new capabilities in qTest to enable closer collaboration between testing and development for modern applications across the Tricentis platform,” the Tricentis team wrote on its website

Tosca 15 now has significant new capabilities for mobile testing to simplify mobile cloud connectivity, reduce test cycle times, and increase continuous testing support including a new mobile engine that supports the latest iOS and Android OS versions and devices, the ability to test iOS with a Windows machine, and more. 

Tricentis also recently added the ability for Tricentis qTest to run on Kubernetes to provide a faster, more scalable, and resilient test management solution for customers. Self-managed customers gained the option to manage qTest with Kubernetes, starting with the qTest 11.0 release.

Also with the NeoLoad 8 release, NeoLoad customers can generate load in the cloud from the NeoLoad SaaS UI, and execute load tests within five minutes.