Angular has unveiled two new solutions to help with the process of migrating AngularJS applications to modern-day- web development standards. The two solutions are ngMigration Assistant and ngMigration Forum.

ngMigration Assistant is a command-line tool that will analyze a AngularJS application and then recommend a migration path for it. The tool provides statistics on the complexity, size, and patterns of an app and will outline the necessary steps needed to migrate to Angular.

The solution does not take into account every migration possibility, but it does consider some of the most important factors, such as code size and complexity.

ngMigration Forum is a community forum that provides information on migration paths and tools. It consolidates some of the best information and experts from around the web.

ngMigration Forum is designed to answer migration questions, identify useful tools, and direct users towards a suitable migration solution.

According to the Angular team, the forum covers many different migration paths, each of which features useful tools, examples, helpful content, and consultants who can help with the migration process.

Angular’s goal is that the community will work together to share their experiences and expertise with one another. Users will be able to ask and answer questions in the issues tab, where they will also be able to review previously asked issues.

“Many developers are embarking on the migration journey of bringing AngularJS applications up to modern-day web development standards with Angular, and there are a lot of approaches. It can be challenging to know which upgrading path is right and where to find guidance on how to migrate, but it doesn’t have to be!” Elana Olson from the Angular developer relations team wrote in a post.