The latest version of the NativeScript framework is now available. NativeScript 8.0 features more streamlining of the core of the framework so that it can serve as a good foundation for future enhancements, as well as the release of a new Best Practices Guide.

According to the team, the previous release last Fall, NativeScript 7.0, was one of the largest structural updates and set the foundation for this release and other future releases. 

“We want to thank the incredible community for their input and support. The contributions provided during this cycle were astounding and you make working on NativeScript an absolute joy. In addition, the tremendous love you have shown on Open Collective, each and every contribution has helped make 8.0 a reality as well as paved the way for more exciting things to come,” the the NativeScript Technical Steering Committee wrote in a post.

Key new features in NativeScript 8.0 include: 

  • Apple M1 support
  • Accessibility support
  • CSS box-shadow support
  • CSS text-shadow support
  • A hidden binding property
  • An official eslint package
  • support for creative view development using the new RootLayout container

In addition to the first official NativeScript Best Practices Guide, the team also gave the NativeScript website and documentation a refresh.

“Over the years several distinct best practices have emerged when working with NativeScript and we took a moment to outline a few of the most fundamental ones you should be aware of to get the best end result out of your projects,” the Technical Steering Committee wrote.

The framework has two major versions released every year, to align with platform tooling updates. The next major release is expected in the Fall. 

More information can be found in the release notes, including details on how to upgrade.