SD Times Blog: Batten down the patches

It’s that time of year again: Black Hat and Defcon are upon us! That means your systems are all in danger, and your applications should be afraid. Not only will there be (and has already been) an endless stream of new exploits dropped at the shows, but the weekend of Defcon is, effectively, open season … continue reading


Meteor CEO talks JavaScript

JavaScript has come a long way from a hacked-together language built under time constraints for a new medium. Since its creation, the language has undergone trials and tribulations at the hands of vendors fighting over implementation. Today, however, JavaScript is the beneficiary of some of the best computer science engineering on the planet. Google, Apple, … continue reading


SD Times Blog: Using DNA for access control

You’ve probably heard of the genetic testing site, 23andMe. The site allows users to send in a swab covered in their saliva for genetic decoding. When that code is translated, it’s viewable online as a pie chart of ancestry. 23andMe even offers an API that allows you to share your genetic information with the REST … continue reading


IP conference tests troubled patent waters

Out in the real world, the lawsuit between Google and Oracle is preparing to head back to a lower court after the Supreme Court said it would not take the case. At UC Berkeley yesterday, the repercussions of that decision were discussed, along with many other topics around patents and copyright law as they pertain … continue reading


MasterCard releases Open API Declaration

Building a modern Web API has become the newest challenge for developer relations. In the five years since it began building APIs, MasterCard has learned a number of lessons, many of which it has included in its Open API Declaration, released today. The Declaration is filled with promises from MasterCard to developers using its APIs. … continue reading


Amazon unveils new AWS services

At the Amazon Web Services Summit in New York, this morning, Amazon announced a number of new services for developers within its cloud. The announcements included new services such as the AWS Device Farm and the AWS API Gateway. Amazon also announced general availability for a number of services that were still in beta form. … continue reading

Buddy aims to be a friendly robot everyone can relate to.

French robot company raising money for open source companion robot “BUDDY”

It’s never really tackled in Star Wars: are Astromech Droids open source? While we may never get to see R2-D2’s internal code, a French company called Blue Frog Robotics fired up an IndieGoGo campaign yesterday that seeks to build an open-source companion robot. Blue Frog Robotics, a company founded last year by French roboticist Rodolphe … continue reading


Python 3.5 beta arrives

A new beta of Python 3.5 arrived today. Beta 4 of the next revision of the popular programming language adds only four bug fixes, while 3.5 itself is a few months from completion. The primary changes between 3.4 and 3.5 are the inclusion of a new matrix multiplication operator and co-routines with Await and Async … continue reading


SD Times Blog: No more excuses for enterprise software

If you’ve been around this industry long enough, you likely recall a time when your manager came down to your office, large cardboard box in-hand, smiling like a boss that’s done good for his workers. The scenario likely played out as follows. Boss: Here, take this! (hands you the shiny box) You: What’s this? Boss: … continue reading

Image courtesy of Olympus Digital Camera

Supreme Court refusal not the end for Google v. Oracle

The United States Supreme Court is not getting involved in the lawsuit between Oracle and Google. The case, in which Oracle accuses Google of infringing its copyright over Java APIs, will now return to lower courts, as both sides will most likely continue appealing the case. The tangled knot of decisions and accusations left even … continue reading


Zettaset patents Big Data access management

You want to keep your hot data hot and your cold data cold. That’s the idea behind a data-access-management patent issued to Zettaset on June 23. The new technology, dubbed “DiamondLane” by the company, allows administrators and developers to prioritize the storage of data based on its “temperature.” That temperature setting amounts to varying degrees … continue reading


Oracle v. Google case turned down by Supreme Court

After four years of litigation, the legal fistfight between Google and Oracle will not be tried in the top court of the land. The Supreme Court decided today that it would not hear arguments in the ongoing battle over the Java APIs. The fight between Google and Oracle centers on Google’s use of portions of … continue reading

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