SD Times Blog: OpenStack takes center stage

Mirantis and its competitors were in full selling mode this week. The company was in Santa Clara to exhibit at the OpenStack Silicon Valley conference, and to show off its brand new US$100 million investment from Ericsson and Intel. While Mirantis’ investment was big news at the show, listening to the conversations and speaking to … continue reading

Intel updates Parallel Studio XE

Intel today released version 2016 of Parallel Studio XE. It now includes the new Intel Data Analytics Acceleration Library (DAAL), as well as full support for C++11. James Reinders, chief evangelist at Intel Software, said that the new edition can plug developers into existing workflows that might include Big Data processing systems like Hadoop. (Related: … continue reading


bcache grows into a full file system

File system hounds have a new project to watch. bcachefs was released yesterday, bringing with it checksumming, compression, support for multiple devices, and caching. Eventually, the file system aims to even support snapshotting. bcachefs started out as simply bcache. Kent Overstreet began working on the project while working at Google. While the effort was targeted … continue reading


COBOL comes to Visual Studio 2015

When you think of Microsoft’s IDE, Visual Studio 2015, perhaps you can be forgiven for not immediately thinking of COBOL. Micro Focus is rectifying the dearth of COBOL support in Microsoft’s newest of IDE with today’s release of Visual COBOL for Visual Studio: a software package that brings full support for the ancient language into … continue reading


Redpine Signals’ tiny new platform focuses on wireless capabilities and sensors

Designing a device for the Internet of Things is not quite as easy as building on top of existing hardware. While point-of-sales systems jump over to iPads and tablets, actual devices require circuit-level integrations, and full stack support across a prototyping board ecosystem is almost non-existent. Venkat Mattela, CEO and chairman of Redpine Signals, is … continue reading


Go is 1.5 released

Google announced the release of Go 1.5 today. This new version of the programming language and its associated tooling includes many performance improvements, as well as fundamental changes to the runtime and compiler. Previously, the Go compiler and runtime included C code, but all traces of C have been expunged. The Go runtime and compiler … continue reading


SD Times Blog: Intel wows with future tech

It really doesn’t matter what else Intel talked about at its 15th Intel Developer Forum after it announced its Optane technology. The technology, known as 3D XPoint, is said by Intel to be 1,000x faster and more durable than existing NAND flash memory. Optane will be the brand name under which 3D XPoint will be … continue reading


Microsoft offers first preview of Windows Server Containers

Microsoft today released its third technical preview of Windows Server 2016 and Systems Center 2016, bringing with them the first public preview of Windows Server Containers. This release features the culmination of work Microsoft had pledged to do alongside Docker to bring containers to both Azure and Windows Server. This release also improves upon the … continue reading


Netflix previews Falcor

Netflix yesterday released a developer preview of Falcor, an open-source JavaScript library available under the Apache License 2. Falcor unifies data sources (regardless of their location), and allows developers to access and present the information inside those stores as if they were all in the same location. Falcor, clearly named after the flying luck dragon … continue reading


SD Times Blog: Of metadata and paintings

When visiting Manhattan, it is incumbent upon the tourist to visit the museum district. Along Central Park East lie the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim, the Frick and the Cooper Hewitt. Downtown, there’s the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), and dozens of other institutions dedicated to topics ranging from painting to photography to radio … continue reading


Google introduces Cloud Dataflow

Google this morning removed the beta label from Google Cloud Dataflow. The company also introduced Google Cloud Pub/Sub, as well as integrations between these services and the Google BigQuery service. Together, developers can use these services to provide analytics, stream processing and batch processing applications within the same infrastructure. Cloud Dataflow is built around the … continue reading


Google breaking up into grouping of smaller companies, renamed Alphabet

Google announced today that it would be restructuring and renaming to Alphabet. Google itself will become a smaller, slimmer subsidiary of Alphabet, which will include numerous other non-search related ventures Sergey Brin and Larry Page have come up with over the years. Google’s stock will become Alphabet stock. In a blog post written by Page, … continue reading

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