Language Server Protocol foretells future for developers

Developers have long stuck to their own treasured IDEs like baseball players and their lucky socks. Back in June, Codenvy, Microsoft and MuleSoft made a somewhat innocuous announcement that (long term) could eliminate a lot of the variances that currently exist in IDEs and other software development tools. From the outside, the Language Server Protocol … continue reading


JavaOne vendors talk tools, Oracle

At Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne this week, the software development industry was on hand to show off its new tools and to comment on Oracle’s myriad announcements. Oracle founder and chairman Larry Ellison doubled-down on cloud technologies, offering more cloud services, a cloud-in-a-box on-premise system, and a road map for Java EE. On the outside, … continue reading


Runnable pivots to staging

A year ago, Runnable was a company focused almost entirely on copy/paste coding. Users could paste code into Runnable’s website, then see it in action as the site executed the code in a new window. Today, however, the company finished its pivot from testing window to testing servers. As of today, Runnable now offers full-fledged … continue reading


Oracle steps up its cloud game

Oracle is doubling down on cloud services and products. The company revealed at Oracle OpenWorld this morning a host of new cloud-based services ranging from container hosting on bare metal servers, to API management, to an on-premise box that bridges the gap between cloud and data center. Siddhartha Agarwal, vice president of product management and … continue reading


Java EE moves forward once again

The state of innovation in Java EE was so in question that, earlier this summer, the Java Guardians were formed to champion the platform and demand that it be pushed forward. At JavaOne today, Oracle finally detailed its plans to address the neglected enterprise Java platform. Alongside that road map came new information on the … continue reading


SD Times Blog: GitHub’s interesting philosophy on enterprises

Source-code management isn’t exactly selling soda. Neither was Apple Computers, but Steve Jobs didn’t see a distinction between what former Apple CEO John Sculley had done at Pepsi and what he wanted him to do at Apple. That inability to see the difference between the two businesses led to the beginning of the downfall of … continue reading


Angular 2 ditches controllers and scope, adds TypeScript

Google has been hard at work on Angular.js version 2 for more than two years now. The final version of this JavaScript cross-platform framework was released yesterday, and with it come scores of changes that will expand developer options. These included a newly componentized base, full support for TypeScript and ECMAScript 6, and better dependency … continue reading


GitHub cranks up project management

GitHub announced today at its developer conference the arrival of some long-awaited project-management features to its source-code-management platform. Among these new features are granular repository access via APIs, first-class project-management tools, and a beta-form redesigned API. Connor Sears, senior director of product design at GitHub, said in a keynote at the GitHub Universe conference that … continue reading


Proposal has NetBeans moving to Apache Incubator

This story has been updated to clarify the details of Geertjan Wielenga’s proposal. Geertjan Wielenga, working on behalf of Oracle, submitted a proposal to bring NetBeans to the Apache Software Foundation. Wielenga has been the project manager of NetBeans for many years, and his proposal seeks to bring NetBeans to a neutral third party so … continue reading


SD Times Blog: Cap’n Proto may see new release soon

If you’ve been in this industry for any time at all, you’ve seen most things get rewritten time and time again. Why did we all need new databases four years ago? Why do we need containers now? Weren’t they invented years ago? Didn’t virtualization exist way back in the Unix days? And if you’ve been … continue reading


New cross-platform Git client arrives: GitKraken

From the briny depths of source-control systems, GitKraken has surfaced. This new GUI-based Git client was originally released as a beta in March with the enterprise version, GitKraken Pro, arriving in July. Recent patches to the cross-platform GitKraken client have expanded its capabilities ahead of the upcoming GitHub Universe show in San Francisco next week. … continue reading

Ross Gardler, presidenbt of the Apache Software Foundation

The Apache Foundation board is reining in DataStax

On Aug. 19, DataStax cofounder and CTO Jonathan Ellis announced he would step down as chairman of the Project Management Committee (PMC) for the Apache Cassandra Project. At the time, in a blog post, he made no mention of pressure from inside the Foundation to oust him. The Apache board of directors, however, has admitted … continue reading

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