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Code for America takes on procurement and contracts

Code for America met this week at its annual Code for America Summit to discuss how best to work with government organizations, how to propose solutions for civic problems, and perhaps most importantly, how to fix civic software procurement. Have you ever seen a government software contract? They take years to obtain, months to sign, … continue reading


Git now supports large files

GitHub has announced the availability of Git Large File Support (LFS) 1.0, as well as new two-factor authentication support for GitHub. The company made this announcement yesterday at its developer conference in San Francisco. Historically, Git has had trouble storing and versioning large files due to constraints in the basic design of the software. There … continue reading


Mendix updates RAD platform to version 6

It is unlikely that there are any development organizations in the world that couldn’t benefit from going faster. To this end, Mendix version 6 arrived today. The new version eliminates vendor lock-in, supports offline applications, and includes new APIs for testing applications. According to Mendix’s CTO Johan den Haan, “We are focusing on helping both … continue reading


Illumio pushes security with Docker, Mesosphere

Illumio has announced new partnerships with Docker and Mesosphere to provide its adaptive security tooling to container users. The Illumio Adaptive Security Platform brings security controls and monitoring into the development process, to be managed as part of the software development life cycle. Alan Cohen, chief commercial officer of Illumio, said that his company’s platform … continue reading


Talend 6 arrives

Talend today released version 6 of its eponymous data integration platform. The new version includes new native support for Apache Spark and Spark Streaming. This version also includes support for continuous delivery of integration and analysis applications. Mike Tuchen, CEO of Talend, said, “Fast analytics absolutely requires fast data integration, so we are very happy … continue reading


Mirantis ships OpenStack version 7.0

Mirantis has released a new version of its OpenStack distribution. Version 7.0 includes bug fixes, new Hadoop and Spark support, and integrations with Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes. For existing Mirantis users, the upgrade path to version 7.0 comes with rollback capabilities. That should allow users to implement this new version easily, helping them to utilize … continue reading


SmartBear points new hire at new product

When you hire the head of a popular new framework, you usually take some time to sit them down, design a product, and allow him or her to build it. SmartBear, however, seems to have magically produced a new product hot on the heels of its hiring of Tony Tam, the creator of Swagger. The … continue reading


Git updated to version 2.6

Version 2.6 of Git has been released. This new edition includes many new capabilities, functions and bug fixes. It also lays the foundation for major changes to the platform, and completely rewrites the “git pull” function in C. Future versions of Git are destined to allow multiple types of “back ends,” and in preparation for … continue reading


MapR adds JSON support to its NoSQL database

MapR Technologies today announced the availability of a developer preview of its new native JSON support inside Hadoop. This addition gives users access to a document store that can be linked directly into Hadoop. The new JSON support is included in MapR-DB, a NoSQL data store. Anil Gadre, senior vice president of product management at … continue reading


Swagger creator joins SmartBear

Tony Tam has definitely got Swagger—as in the API framework that he created. Swagger 2.0 was released earlier this year, and its popularity is helping to smooth out the frustratingly fragmented world of APIs. Today, he joined SmartBear, where he will head up API-related work within the company. Tam originally developed Swagger while working, of … continue reading


Vagrant gets a follow-up

For years, developers have had a Vagrant on their desktop, helping them quickly go from code to build to running application. Today, however, Vagrant gives way as Otto, its follow-up applications, arrives on the scene. Hosted at, Otto is built to ease the definition and deployment of multi-tier applications. The tool joins a retinue … continue reading

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Doom co-creator builds Netflix app for Oculus

Netflix and Oculus announced yesterday that they had been collaborating to build a VR movie-watching application. The app, written by 3D programming legend John Carmack, includes a virtual living room and takes into account the viewing angle such a device requires. At Oculus Connect, a developer event hosted by Oculus, Carmack, the company’s CTO and … continue reading

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