Microsoft today announced the Visual Studio Ultimate feature pack, along with build-in-the-cloud functionality in Team Foundation Service and support in Visual Studio for teams working in SharePoint.

The Ultimate feature packs will ship as “an ongoing benefit” after Visual Studio 11 (currently in beta) is finalized and released, according to Jason Zander, Microsoft’s corporate vice president for Visual Studio. The first feature pack will be centered on SharePoint Quality of Service Testing scenarios and on using IntelliTrace to debug code anywhere its run, Zander said in an interview with SD Times after his keynote address at the DevConnections conference.

For SharePoint, the areas of focus with this first pack are load testing—to make sure SharePoint can stand up to scale—and unit testing. Zander said the feature release will make it easier to author unit tests.

Further, he said, even before the first feature pack release, his team will be working on advanced diagnostic features and ways to allow users to customize what it is that IntelliTrace collects, such as a specific class, ASP.NET page or function.

As for the build-in-the-cloud capability, Zander explained that users “want the self-service aspect. It’s nice to just have a project and say, ‘Cloud, you deal with it.’ You don’t have to configure a machine.”

Build-in-the-cloud is performed with a pool of Azure virtual machine roles. “The cool thing about it is if you store your assets in a cloud repository, it’s there and ready to go,” Zander said. “For a feature update, you use the service and just do a check-in. The source code gets lifted into the cloud and automatically kicks off a build and executes tests. If it passes, the service checks in the build.”

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