A day after Nike announced the Nike Fuelband SE, its latest wristband fitness tracker with improved tracking and new neon colors, Adidas fired back with its own offering.

The Fuelband SE, priced at US$149 and set for release on Nov. 6, will now have to compete with an as-yet-unnamed Adidas smartwatch announced at the GigaOM Mobilized conference, set for a Nov. 1 launch. Not much is known about the new Adidas wearable aside from its hefty $399 price tag. Both of these announcements come only days after the release of the $130 Fitbit Force, turning the fitness smartwatch market into a heated race.

With new wearable computing technologies like the Google Gem announced seemingly daily, there’s never been a better time for a large technical conference like Wearables DevCon, giving wearable technology developers a forum to make sense of all the offerings on the market.