WhiteSource has announced a new integration with Atlassian Bitbucket Server that will provide developers with real-time alerts on open-source vulnerabilities within the Bitbucket UI. The integration will also automatically create fix pull requests, which will help speed up the remediation process.

“The WhiteSource Bitbucket Server Integration is the latest step in our mission to help developers use open source freely and fearlessly without compromising on security or agility,” said David Habusha, VP of product at WhiteSource. “Now developers can seamlessly integrate WhiteSource’s solution into their Bitbucket Server environment to manage their open source usage at the speed of DevOps.”

Databricks Runtime for Machine Learning
Databricks Runtime for Machine Learning is now available as part of the Databricks Runtime 5.3 ML release. Originally introduced as a preview in June, the solution is an optimized runtime that developers can use to create machine learning and deep learning applications in Databricks.

Databricks Runtime for Machine Learning is now included in all of Databricks’ offerings, including Azure Databricks, AWS cloud, GPU clusters, and CPU clusters. According to the company, benefits of the solution include ease of use, reliability, and performance.

Android adds two new features to ML Kit
Android has added two new features to its ML Kit: Language Identification and Smart Reply. Language Identification identifies the language of a string of text. According to Google, this is useful in situations involving user-provided test, which doesn’t typically come with language information. Smart Reply generates relevant replies to messages, helping users respond quickly or respond to messages from devices with limited input features.

“Our goal with ML Kit is to offer powerful but simple-to-use APIs to leverage the power of ML, independent of the domain. As such, we are excited to expand ML Kit with solutions for Natural Language Processing (NLP),” the Android team wrote in a post.