OpenChat is an open-source alternative to ChatGPT that simplifies the process of creating chatbots. It uses GPT-3 as its language model.

Developers can use it to create chatbots from PDFs or websites. Soon the project will add support for Notion, Confluence, and Office 365 as data sources. Entire codebases can also be used as a data source to create a pair programming chatbot. 

The chatbots created using OpenChat have unlimited memory capacity, which means that it can interact with large files seamlessly. 

Chatbots can be embedded either as a widget on a website or in internal company tools.

Examples of the types of chatbots that can be created include customer support chatbots, private tutors, or personal libraries. 

Some upcoming features that are planned, according to the project roadmap, include Slack integration, support for offline open-source models, and custom input fields.  

The project maintainers note that the project is not yet production ready, and developers can support the project by opening issues, submitting pull requests, and providing suggestions.