Facebook announced the Create React Native App for React Native. Create React is a new tool that makes it easier to get started with a React Native project. It’s inspired by the design of the Create React App, and is the result of a collaboration between Facebook and Expo.

With this tool, developers can develop for their iOS device using Linux or Windows. The Create React Native App is now stable and ready for general use.

“Many developers struggle with installing and configuring React Native’s current native build dependencies, especially for Android. With Create React Native App, there’s no need to use Xcode or Android Studio,” Adam Perry, React Native developer wrote in a post.

More information can be found here.

Google’s Android fraud botnet Chamois protects users, devices
Google is working to protect users across a variety of devices and environments. Recently, its security teams discovered and defended users of its ads and Android systems against a new PHA family they’ve named Chamois.

Chamois is an Android PHA family which can generate invalid traffic through ad pop ups, perform artificial app promotion, perform telephony fraud and download and execute additional plug-ins.

Chamois is also one of the largest PHA families seen on Android so far, according to Google.

“Google continues to significantly invest in its counter-abuse technologies for Android and its ad systems, and we’re proud of the work that many teams do behind the scenes to fight PHAs like Chamois,” security software engineers Bernhard Grill, Megan Ruthann and Xin Zhao wrote in a blog.

Automic releases a new Action Pack for Puppet
Automic Software, which was recently acquired by CA Technologies, today announced its new Automic Action Pack for Puppet, an IT automation provider.

“Enterprises must transform themselves to enable change. This is why digital transformation is such an important strategic motivation,” said Chris Boorman, chief marketing officer for Automic Software. “The Automic Action Pack for Puppet enables our users to seamlessly orchestrate Puppet as part of their automated continuous delivery pipelines.”

The new product includes the orchestration of Puppet as part of the application release and deployment processes, and built-in actions for working with Puppet. More information on this release can be found here.

Intel Clear Containers v2.1.1
The Clear Linux Project released version 2.1.1 of the Intel Clear Containers offering, which is a major release with several features for those using containers.

The release adds support for commonly used container infrastructure and orchestration stacks like Docker Swarm and Kubernetes. Users will also see enhanced support for more complex configurations via multiple interfaces within the workload and passing full configuration information.

In addition, there is better monitoring of the workload and “extra isolation added between the workload and the optimized guest OS by wrapping the container workload inside namespaces to add an extra layer of isolation and security,” according to the Clear Linux Project blog.

Nevatech releases Sentinet version 4.9
Nevatech released Sentinet v4.9, which adds advanced API governance and API management capabilities. It also offers new API description, security and monitoring features.

According to the company: “The 4.9 release focuses on extended support for OAuth and OpenID Connect protocols for REST APIs, and advanced API monitoring and API analytics. Using Sentinet, customers can record selected parts of SOAP and REST messages or any custom data associated with the message exchange providing new levels of business insights into their API economy.”

More information and release notes can be found here.

Apache Commons Community releases Apache Commons CLI 1.4
The Apache Commons Community announced the release of Apache Commons CLI 1.4. This library provides an API for parsing command line options passed to programs, and it is also able to print help messages detailing the options available for a command line tool, according to the organization.

Source and binary distributions are available to download.