Microsoft’s TypeScript team presented the latest release of TypeScript 2.2 this week, with new features and quick fixes to improve the TypeScript experience.

With TypeScript 2.2 comes more improvements to the editor, including code actions, which can guide developers in fixing up errors. This includes adding missing imports, adding missing properties, and removing unused declarations. The TypeScript team plans on adding similar features in the future, so TypeScript can give suggestions to developers each step of the way.

More information on this release can be found here.

Creating static websites in GitLab Community Edition
Now available in GitLab Community Edition is the ability to easily create and collaborate on a static website through GitLab Pages, with GitLab v8.17.

GitLab Pages allows developers to host static websites straight from GitLab with any Static Site Generator, wrote vice president of product at GitLab Job van der Voort in a blog post. Now that this is available in GitLab Community Edition, developers can get started with different Static Site Generators to advanced CI and SSL configurations.

EFF halfway to encrypting entire web
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) announced it has reached a major milestone for encrypting the web. As of earlier this month, EFF reported that approximately half of Internet traffic is protected by HTTPS, which the organization defines as safer.


EFF is asking users to protect their own browsers and websites with HTTPS Everywhere and Certbot (both EFF software) in order to encrypt the entire web.

More information about EFF’s goals and work toward an encrypted web can be found here.

Google updates Google Play Developer Console
Google is making changes to the Google Play Developer Console to make it easier for developers to manage their app releases. The new “Manage Releases” page in the console is where developers upload alpha, beta and production releases of their app. It will allow developers to obtain important information as well as see the status of their releases.

In addition, the company is adding new features to make it easier to publish an app or update. The features include a validation step to highlight potential issues, and improvements to perform and track staged roll-outs.

Qt lays out 2017 road map
Qt is revealing its plans for its cross-platform connected embedded devices and application development framework. The team will be providing a new release of Qt every six months. Qt 5.8 was released recently, and the team is already working on the alpha release of 5.9, which is expected to be released in May.

In addition to future releases, the team will continue to provide patches and improvements to functionality introduced in those releases.

More information is available here.