Awesome Swift Education

With Apple’s programming language Swift now open-sourced, more and more developers are expected to dip their toes into the language.

“We can’t wait to see the new places we can bring Swift—together. We truly believe that this language that we love can make software safer, faster, and easier to maintain. We’d love your help to bring Swift to even more computing platforms,” the Swift team wrote on its website.

To help, a new GitHub project wants to provide developers all the resources they need to learn Swift. Awesome Swift Education features a curated list of resources from blogs, references, repositories, links, interview questions, slides, videos and more about the Swift language.

“You’re still going to have to read a lot to really figure things out, but at least your reading list will be all in one place,” wrote Henry Savit, the list creator, in a blog post.

The list provides resources for open-source Swift, Swift style, in-browser Swift editors, Web services, testing, security, production Swift, problem solving, Objective C transitioning to Swift, etc.

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