MongoDB users can now record and replay traffic and requests using Flashback, an open-source tool announced by Parse at MongoDB World in New York City.

Flashback is a MongoDB benchmark framework that allows developers to gauge database performance by benchmarking queries. Flashback records the real traffic to the database and replays operations with different strategies. The framework’s scripts fall into one of two categories: recording ops during a particular timeframe, or replaying the recorded ops.

Parse, the cloud application platform acquired by Facebook in 2013, created Flashback with the goal of providing developers a more accurate way to evaluate database performance using query patterns.

“We are open-sourcing this tool because we believe it will be also useful for people who are interested in recording their real traffic and replaying it against different production environments, such as for smoke testing version upgrades or different hardware configurations,” Facebook software engineer Kai Liu wrote in a blog post.

Flashback’s “record” module is written in Python, so developers need to have MongoDB’s PyMongo driver installed to use the framework.

The benchmarking tool is available as open source on GitHub.