Sencha, a leading provider of HTML5 desktop and mobile web application development technology, today announced it has acquired the technology mzPivotGrid in response to significantly increasing customer demand. mzPivotGrid is a powerful analytics tool that empowers enterprise developers to build applications that can discover critical insights from massive sets of data. It is built on Sencha Ext JS, the flagship development platform for building web applications across all modern and legacy browsers on desktops and tablets.

Sencha delivers tightly integrated frameworks and a secure management and analytics platform based on HTML5 to empower companies to rapidly design, develop and manage high quality business critical applications for the right person, on the right screen, at the right time. The Sencha Ext JS grid component is perfect for displaying massive sets of data, providing numerous features for all kinds of data display. By acquiring mzPivotGrid, Sencha is adding an out-of-the-box analytics capability to the Ext JS grids.

mzPivotGrid is ideally suited for any enterprise that manages large amounts of data and needs to analyze and present that data in an actionable manner inside a web application. In the case of sales data for example, data such as product SKUs, territories, channels, quantities and order dates can be analyzed via mzPivotGrid and when coupled with Sencha’s powerful charting functions, presented for intelligent decisions.

“We’ve received a serious number of requests from our customers to deliver functionality with which they can uncover meaningful insights from massive sets of data, which is why we jumped on the opportunity to acquire mzPivotGrid,” said Art Landro, CEO of Sencha. “It is an ideal complement and add-on to Sencha Ext JS and as they are already integrated, it will add immediate value for our customers who must design, develop and deploy feature rich applications to drive long-term competitive advantage.”

Sencha Pivot Grid is generally available starting today. For more information, please refer to