CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) today announced CA Mainframe Application Tuner, which combines two application performance management (APM) tools with new integration capabilities to help IT organizations proactively pinpoint and resolve performance issues that could reduce user productivity and consume extra system resources.

“With so many of our customers accessing their mainframe applications via the Web, split-second response time and 24×7 availability are critical requirements,” said Dayton Semerjian, general manager, Mainframe, CA Technologies. “CA Mainframe Application Tuner is designed to help them deliver these capabilities, allowing analysts to fine-tune their applications to help reduce IT processing costs while improving service levels.”

CA Mainframe Application Tuner combines the advanced performance analysis and tuning capabilities of TRILOGexpert TriTune with the automated performance management of TRILOGexpert APC for TriTune. CA Technologies has a non-exclusive, worldwide source agreement to develop, market and support this technology, thus facilitating innovation beyond its previous capabilities.

The new integration in CA Mainframe Application Tuner helps performance managers more quickly and easily identify and mitigate the root causes of application performance inefficiencies in z/OS-based systems to improve response times and lower CPU consumption.

To help streamline APM, development and testing activities, CA Mainframe Application Tuner integrates with other CA Technologies software including:

• CA Technologies cross-platform APM solution, by automatically providing drill-down details about mainframe performance issues to IT analysts and insulating them from complexities of the applications and operating system.

CA Endevor Software Change Manager and key testing solutions including CA InterTest and CA SymDump, by automating and simplifying the process by which developers can view and update their programs, and helping to prevent manual errors.

• CA Mainframe Software Manager, by significantly streamlining the acquisition, installation, deployment and maintenance of CA Mainframe Application Tuner.

“The cross-tier mainframe/distributed integrations that CA Technologies has incorporated into its APM solutions are helping technology support teams transition from managing technology silos to managing business services,” said Julie Craig, research director, Enterprise Management Associates. “Extending that integration to CA Mainframe Application Tuner makes it possible for analysts to diagnose performance problems right down to the source code statement in critical mainframe backend processes.”

“We are very pleased with the new functionality in CA Mainframe Application Tuner that helps us prevent problems before our users are impacted,” said Mike Bouros, VP of IT, Mainframe Systems Performance at Morgan Stanley & Co. “We are also excited about its integration into the large CA Technologies portfolio of IT solutions, which will significantly enhance and simplify our application development and performance analysis processes.”