Electric Cloud is bringing Continuous Delivery to mobile app development with the general availability of Ship.io, a cloud-based Continuous Delivery platform designed specially for mobile application delivery.

“Our philosophy is that it is a huge market, and mobile developers prefer a simple, very well executed automation engine platform that takes [no] time to set up, automatically detects the code and does the analytics for them,” said Prathap Dendi, general manager for Ship.io at Electric Cloud.

According to him, the need for Ship.io stemmed from obstacles mobile developers face today.

“If you are a mobile app developer, you are likely looking at two problems: The mobile stack is changing almost every week and is unpredictable, and the nature of mobile app development teams, the lines between who is the designer, who is the developer, who is the tester, are blurring,” he said.

With Ship.io, mobile app developers can automate builds, tests and the deployment process of native Android and iOS apps. It provides end-to-end visibility into the entire app life cycle, reduces IT infrastructure setup time, and cuts costs, according to Dendi.

“We realized that the big opportunity is now,” he said. “The market is ready. The users believe that mobile is different, and there are no good tools available to them, and we have a solution that is massively accessible and available.”

Key features include team support and cross-team sharing, automation from build to deployment, the ability to perform tests on real devices, and support for latest mobile platforms and tool chains.

“Mobile app teams are typically smaller and very agile, but the infrastructure setup and configuration of tools and devices can delay the delivery of quality apps that are increasingly important to organizations of all types and sizes,” said Dendi. “Ship.io brings automation and collaboration to every step in the mobile app life cycle—from code check-in to app store submission.”

More information is available here.