The Visual Studio Mobile Center is bringing mobile developers a new service for their applications. Microsoft announced that CodePush is now a part of the Visual Studio Mobile Center family.

The Visual Studio Mobile Center is a mission control solution for mobile applications. It is designed to provide developers with faster release cycles, better quality apps, and more time to be more productive. It supports Objective-C, Swift, Java, Xamarin, React Native and UWP. With CodePush, developers can deploy updates to their Apache Cordova, React Native and Windows Mobile apps through the cloud.

“About two years ago, a group of developers at Microsoft crafted a service for distributing Apache Cordova, React Native, and Windows Mobile updates to applications in the wild. They called it ‘CodePush.’ Since then, mobile app developers have deployed thousands of releases to in-production apps – deploying quick bug fixes, feature improvements and content updates via the cloud. In a world where updates submitted through the app store can sometimes take days, these developers have enjoyed a huge market advantage because they can respond to customer feedback more quickly with instant app updates to some or all of their end-users,” Ian Geoghegan, senior program manager of Microsoft’s mobile developer division, wrote in a post.

CodePush will be integrated into the mobile center’s dashboard and provide a point-and-click interface to manage apps and deployments, according to Geoghegan.

Going forward, the company plans to provide better integration with its crash service, and bundle signing.