Red Hat Service Interconnect, which can simplify application connectivity and security across platforms, clusters, and clouds, is now generally available after being announced at Red Hat Summit.

The solution is based on the open-source project, which enables secure communication across Kubernetes clusters with no VPNs or special firewall rules.

According to Red Hat, application architectures are changing to take advantage of the open hybrid cloud and require flexible, secure connections for applications. AI/ML applications can be distributed across on-premises, edge and cloud systems, and businesses require connections across multiple clouds and infrastructures. This requires coordination between developers, network admins and security admins to set up trusted, specific connections, which can slow developer productivity and innovation, the company explained.

Red Hat Service Interconnect facilitates communication between multiple platforms and clouds, allowing developers to add reliable, secure connections between applications running on Kubernetes clusters, virtual machines, and bare-metal hosts. These connections can be implemented across any infrastructure, from traditional data centers to the edge and cloud, according to Red Hat. 

With this simplified process, developers no longer need extensive privilege or networking knowledge to establish connections to speed up the development process and stay compliant with security requirements.

Red Hat Service Interconnect is a service customers can use in their hybrid and multi-cloud strategies to either modernize existing apps or migrate them across infrastructures or between clouds. This ensures application connections are migrated without any downtime, helping with effective compliance and risk management, as well as maximizing operational efficiency for application and network teams.