Today, announced the launch of Cloud9 IDE at DEMO Spring 2011, bringing web and mobile app development into the total cloud with a commercial PaaS. Cloud9 IDE provides the first cloud-based Integrated Development Environment for JavaScript incorporating HTML5, and supporting Python, Ruby and PHP. Developers can access, edit, and share projects anywhere, to build, test, debug, and deploy web and mobile applications in as little as half the time, with fewer technical skills. Its merger with the Mozilla Skywriter project underwrites the quality of Cloud9 and the breadth of its community support.
“It’s ironic that all web and mobile apps written to date have been developed on the desktop,” said Matt Marshall, DEMO executive producer. “Now, thanks to Ajax, developers can follow their users to the web to enhance their productivity with a true, all-cloud IDE.”
 “A revolution in web, mobile, and server technologies has JavaScript and HTML5 replacing Java and Flash. Over 75 percent of websites today use third-party JavaScript widgets, and the market for mobile apps is exploding,” said Ajax CEO Ruben Daniels. “As a true web development environment, not simply a browser port of desktop IDE concepts, the Cloud9 IDE is front and center in this emerging market opportunity.”
Cloud9 IDE is poised to become the gateway to the cloud for web developers. You can get started immediately with minimal TCO – there is no environment or database to set up, and nothing to install on the client. A large, active, user community backs the new development environment – the only online IDE for Node.js development. Cloud9 IDE gives developers full control over their environment, including enterprise options for private clouds and inside-firewall installations. An extended app store for Cloud9 creations will open later this year.