CloudBees is no longer tied to the cloud. The enterprise-focused PaaS provider announced Wednesday that it is now offering an on-premises continuous deployment platform, aimed at enabling corporate developers who are currently struggling with continuous integration and deployment.

The new CloudBees Continuous Delivery platform is based on Jenkins, and is available as an on-site solution or as a cloud-based platform. As such, it can also act a both in a hybrid model. In order to add more traceability to the platform, CloudBees has also entered into a collaboration agreement with both Opscode, maker of Chef, and Puppet Labs. CloudBees is planning to add further transparency to the Jenkins build, test and deploy process by using the top configuration management tools.

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Sacha Labourey, CEO and founder of CloudBees, said that enterprises are struggling to implement continuous deployment practices. “Businesses need reliable processes to succeed, but traditional approaches to software development and delivery are riddled with inefficiencies that delay projects, drive up costs and hamper innovation. Using the CloudBees continuous delivery platform, powered by Jenkins, enterprises can eliminate friction in their development processes, creating a consistent and controlled environment that will give them a competitive edge in the marketplace.”