Two months after the first stable release of Dart 1.0, Google has released version 1.1 of its open-source Web programming language.

In a Google+ post today, Google Chrome Developers announced Dart 1.1 with new UDP (User Datagram Protocol) support for servers, additional breakpoint locations in the Dart Editor, and new documentation to support command-line and server-side Dart applications.

(How Dart measures up against JavaScript)

Dart engineer Seth Ladd elaborated on the 1.1 release on the official Dart news page. He detailed the enhancements for server-side Dart applications, including support for large files and file copying, process signal handlers, and terminal information. Dart 1.1’s added support for UDP allows for better writing of media streaming apps.

The Dart Editor has also been updated with improved debugging, code implementation and more-descriptive toolkits.

Google also used the release to promote new benchmark tests comparing Dart with JavaScript on four benchmarks. Ladd pointed out the Richards benchmark in particular, where he said Dart 1.1 ran 25% faster JavaScript.

Dart 1.1 is available at the project’s Web page.