Google has been attempting to provide better ways to protect user privacy while also still providing advertisers with ways to serve relevant content to users. Its solution to reducing third-party tracking is the Privacy Sandbox.

Earlier this year, it announced it was bringing Privacy Sandbox to Android and since then it has released a few developer previews. Now it is announcing that the Privacy Sandbox Beta will rollout to Android 13 devices starting early in 2023, and to get developers ready it is sharing some information about the upcoming beta.

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First, in order to get access to Privacy-Preserving APIS, such as Topics, FLEDGE, and Attribution Reporting, developers will need to go through an enrollment process to verify their identity and gather developer-specific data that the API may need. 

Anyone wishing to participate in the beta program can request access on a limited number of Android 13 devices, and can register apps that utilize the Sandbox APIs. 

There will be a closed beta for developers to test the SDK Runtime. It will be limited to a small group of developers due to the coordination required in testing it on production devices, the Android team explained. 

On the advertiser side, the team recommends working with ad providers to understand testing roadmaps and ways to participate in testing of the Privacy Sandbox.