In an effort to make data easy, Cockroach Labs has released a fully hosted and fully managed version of CockroachDB. Cloud agnostic and available on both AWS and GCP, Managed CockroachDB will enable development teams to focus on building scalable applications without having to worry about infrastructure operations.

While the team believes that getting started with CockroachDB is a seamless process, it recognizes that not all customers want to manage the day to day operations of distributed systems. Cockroach Labs believes that removing the need to manage infrastructure operations is the next step in making data easy.

Managed CockroachDB automatically replicates data across three availability zones, supports geo-partitioned clusters at any scale, and can migrate from one cloud service provider to another.

The company will also handle hardware provisioning, setup, and configuration for managed clusters to optimize them for performance. In addition, it will automatically upgrade to new releases, do hourly incremental data backups, and provide 24/7 monitoring and enterprise-grade security.

“We want to share our battle-tested reference architectures and in-house site reliability engineering expertise with you, so that you can go to market faster with the unprecedented capabilities CockroachDB provides for building ultra-resilient, high-scale, global applications,” Cockroach Labs wrote in a post.