NVIDIA, an AI-focused company, today announced the general availability of NVIDIA AI Enterprise 2.1, the newest version of the company’s software suite of supported containers, toolkits, and frameworks for AI and data science on VMware vSphere and Red Hat OpenShift. 

According to the company, this release is intended to offer advanced data science with the latest NVIDIA RAPIDS and low-code AI model development utilizing the most up-to-date release of NVIDIA TAO Toolkit

AI Enterprise 2.1 also includes additional support for Red Hat OpenShift running in both the public cloud and the Microsoft Azure NVads A10 v5 series

These come as the first NVIDIA virtual GPU instances offered from the public cloud, enabling affordable GPU sharing.

According to NVIDIA, the added support for Red Hat OpenShift in the public cloud also allows for a standardized AI workflow in a Kubernetes environment to scale across a hybrid-cloud environment.

This release also enables users to stay current with the latest AI tools for development and deployment, along with enterprise support and regular updates from NVIDIA. Support will also continue for those using earlier versions of NVIDIA’s AI frameworks, bringing customers flexibility for managing infrastructure updates. 

With this, users gain access to an updated version of the low-code solution of NVIDIA Tao, NVIDIA Tao Toolkit. The latest version of the toolkit is now supported through NVIDIA AI Enterprise, bringing new features such as REST APIs integration, pre-trained weights import, TensorBoard integration, and new pre-trained models.

Additionally, the NVIDIA RAPIDS 22.04 release allows for more support for data workflows due to the addition of new models, techniques, and data processing capabilities across every NVIDIA data science library.

For more information, read the company’s blog