OpenTDF allows developers to utilize the Trusted Data Format (TDF) to incorporate data protection in their applications. TDF itself is a data object wrapper and it can be used to protect nearly all electronic data types.

TDF standards and specifications are currently maintained by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. 

OpenTDF is an open source project that introduces new clients and services using the TDF standard in order to make it easier to apply TDF protections and controls. 

OpenTDF used the NIST framework for Attribute Based Access Controls (ABAC), which is a more extensible framework beyond traditional Role Based Access Controls (RBAC). ABAC allows for more granular access controls that live alongside the data wherever it goes. 

The OpenTDF maintainers adapted ABAC for the project because they believe that enabling easy sharing of data with only those who should have access to it is a key to any zero trust framework. 

The project offers a Quickstart installation for interested developers to test out before fully adopting.

More information about the project, including installation instructions, is available here.