Text Control wants to improve the way documents are edited in a browser. The software component company recently announced a new HTML5 editor to create cross-platform, cross-browser reporting templates on the Web.

“The exciting feature is the rendering technology itself in all HTML5 browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer,” said Björn Meyer, president of Text Control USA. “This is the first true WYSIWYG, HTML5-based Web editor and reporting template designer. Developers can give their users an MS Word-compatible editor to create powerful reporting templates anywhere, in any browser on any device.”

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With the HTML5 editor, users can create and modify reporting templates, create PDF, DOCX or DOC files and view them in a browser, and merge templates on the server-side. The reporting engine of Text Control is used to merge templates in order to create documents and reports formats like PDF.

Users no longer have to use complex reporting designers, according to Meyer, because the HTML5 editor allows users to create templates with Word skills. Because of its Word compatibility, the editor can save and load industry-standard formats.

The rendering technology does not require client-side browser plug-ins; instead it uses pure HTML5 and JavaScript. In addition to HTML5 browser support, it also provides mobile device support for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8.

Text Control HTML5 editor

Other features include support for all typical word-pressing features, reporting elements such as master-detail views, barcodes, and 2D and 3D charts that can be inserted and bound to database fields.

The HTML5 editor will be featured in the next version of TX Text Control Server for ASP.NET, version 11. “Text Control is going to provide a fully featured HTML5-based, MS Word-compatible editor with all word-processing features that are required,” said Meyer. “It is a Web version of our reporting template designer to create templates in the Web.”