iRise, the global leader in enterprise visualization solutions, today announced the immediate availability of iRise Visualization Services, a collection of professional services designed to accelerate business critical projects and promote innovation.  The new professional services offer visualization ‘black belts’ that can be used to augment existing project staff, create visualizations for specific projects, and build libraries of reusable assets, including custom iBlocs, to increase the speed and ease of visualization across multiple projects.  Whether to support the development of a new mobile solution or the rollout of large ERP initiative, the net effect of these services is to accelerate initiatives that promote business agility, revenue opportunities and a competitive advantage.

“We are witnessing a significant shift from cost cutting to innovation for IT organizations everywhere,” said Jacques Marine, executive vice president of services at iRise.” Often, these projects experience frustrating delays due to poor communication between business and IT over concepts, requirements, and designs.  iRise Visualization Services is a quick and simple answer for companies that need immediate help.”

A leading Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider engaged iRise Visualization Services to help simulate a new concept for an application that would become a huge competitive differentiator. Over a period of 10 days the iRise team was able to build out many key process flows in the application, enabling the business to show and validate these concepts with customers without spending a lot of time and money on building out a fully functional prototype. During the process, the collaboration features of the iRise platform enabled feedback from a distributed team, spread across the US and abroad, to be easily included, thereby ensuring the correct functionality was simulated.

Similarly, when one of the nation’s largest health care companies needed help bringing 250 static screens to life before development was complete, two iRise ‘black belts’ were dropped in at short notice to build a visualization in iRise. Within a matter of weeks the company was able to test drive a simulation of the end product that could be shown to customers to confirm the functionality and desired user experience.

iRise Visualization Services has been specifically created to address the following business opportunities:
• Speeding up innovation
• Designing new mobile solutions rapidly
• Using visualizations in order to secure project funding
• Using visualizations to select vendors for a project (RFP)
• Eliciting and validating requirements and designs
• Conducting usability testing before development begins
• Creating portable demonstrations for existing and proposed applications
• Creating portable training for existing and proposed applications

“With limited budget available to devote to new innovation, it is more important than ever to build the right application the first time,” continued Mr. Marine. “iRise Visualization Services allows great ideas to be visualized, refined and vetted with actual users in a matter of days or weeks, then developed and launched 50% faster. That can be the difference between dominating a market and closing up shop.”

Enterprise Visualization – Accelerate Business Transformation
Enterprise visualization software from iRise gives business and IT leaders a powerful way to visualize and experience business transformation.  Forward thinking organizations use iRise to visualize the future of business systems at light speed, accelerating time to revenue with lower cost and improved quality. 

iRise is the only enterprise grade, real-time collaborative software definition platform available today.  With iRise, key stakeholders can “test drive” and experience mission-critical business systems early in the definition process to eliminate confusion and ensure that the right system gets built – the first time.  Best of all, visualizations are assembled in hours, without any coding – speeding up the definition process by ten times over previous methods. With thousands of projects completed successfully, leveraging enterprise visualization has proven to be indispensable for businesses in highly competitive markets:

• Get to market twice as fast;
• Eliminate 30% of project cost;
• Ensure the success of global sourcing strategies; and,
• Dramatically improve quality and customer experience.