SmartBear, a provider of software development and quality tools, recently released web testing on its next-gen mobile testing platform, BitBar. This comes as an answer to user requests for an all-in-one web and native mobile app testing solution.

This release will bring users reliable and streamlined cloud-based testing available with instant access to all of the latest browsers and devices in order to support a consistent digital customer experience.

According to the company, BitBar is highly scalable and performant, helping it to support the diversity of every test automation framework, environment, and language that software testers are already using. 

BitBar enables testing teams that are responsible for ensuring a consistent, high-quality experience to quickly and securely test across real browsers and devices without needing to maintain those in-house.

In addition, new deployment options, including private cloud and dedicated devices, are available in order to support enterprise complex use cases and security needs.

“To meet both software release speed and high-quality requirements, development teams both big and small need simplified web and mobile app testing in a single platform,” said Joanna Schloss, senior vice president of product marketing at SmartBear. “As the market evolves where web and mobile come closer together, SmartBear continues to meet developers where they are, delivering the BitBar integrated platform for application testing.” 

To learn more, register for the webinar taking place on June 28, 2022. To try BitBar, see here