WSO2, provider of open-source technology, today announced the general availability of Choreo, a digital platform as a service. This release is intended to help teams quickly transition digital apps from ideation to production.

According to WSO2, Choreo allows organizations to rapidly deliver new digital experiences by creating and deploying services, integrations, and APIs in hours or days rather than weeks or months.

Because Choreo is built on the Ballerina cloud-native, open-source programming language and runtime, it enables developers of differing skill levels to create apps using varying views of the code. 

This allows users to focus on building only the core logic they need while AI assisted development helps to increase productivity and decrease time to market.   

This release also brings simplification to DevOps and deployment by replacing custom tooling and scripting with built-in multi-stage, CI/CD delivery as well as deep observability for automatically building, testing, and deploying apps on Kubernetes.

Additionally, Choreo comes with services, integrations, and APIs that are secured by default. This is due to an open standards-based API gateway with security and rate limiting, authentication and authorization, and encryption for all messages.

“The ability to quickly deliver new digital products and services is separating the market leaders from the followers in almost every industry,” said Eric Newcomer, chief technology officer at WSO2. “The Choreo digital platform as a service democratizes the necessary capabilities for building cloud native apps and services. Now developers can immediately collaborate on creating, deploying, securing, and monetizing APIs, integrations and services that deliver business value and great customer experiences.”

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