MyScript®, leader in accurate, high-performance handwriting recognition and digital ink management technology, announces the release of MyScript Web Components. The modular pieces of code allow developers to rapidly implement handwriting recognition in their applications. MyScript Web Components also feature a rich Math component, providing a turnkey solution for developers who need to quickly add math recognition to their applications.

MyScript Web Components leverage Polymer project components and MyScriptJS, an open source library that speeds up the development of handwriting interfaces for web applications. MyScriptJS supports common tasks involved in implementing the handwriting user interface, including ink capture, rendering, and requests to the MyScript Cloud recognition service. MyScriptJS also manages API calls, using HTTP/REST or WebSocket protocols. Code samples, API reference, and extensive documentation are provided to further aid developers in their implementations.

“Using MyScript Web Components enables developers to significantly reduce development time, easily manage and reuse code, and keep up with the latest handwriting recognition product developments,” said Christophe Droulers, Director of Cloud Services at MyScript. “We believe that these building block-style tools are the future of web development and make it even easier for developers to evaluate and add handwriting to their applications.”

MyScript Web Components are available on GitHub. A valid MyScript Cloud account is necessary to use the Web Components. Developers can create a MyScript Cloud account (for free) by signing up on the MyScript Developer Program web site. To learn more, visit