Nintex today announced that it is extending its Workflow 2010 tool to work with Microsoft’s Project Server 2010.

Organizations dealing with a large number of projects often have those projects go through a workflow, such as for cost analysis, approval and prioritization. Normally, project managers and the business side set up and deal with those steps, but Project Server 2010 requires a developer to create the code for the workflow to happen, according to Mike Fitzmaurice, vice president of product technology for Nintex.

The integration brings the full Nintex Workflow 2010 graphical, Web-based tool to bear on Project Server, enabling people with the understanding of the business process to create the workflows, “so you don’t have that dichotomy going on,” Fitzmaurice said.

Enterprise licensees of SharePoint Server 2010 have access to Project Server 2010, so users can tie project management into other line-of-business systems and use SharePoint as a point of collaboration, task assignment, and document approval and storage, according to Fitzmaurice.

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