The world of development is constantly changing, and thus developers are constantly needing to add to their education and upskill. To make this upskilling easier, there is an open-source collection of guides to learn about specific technologies.

Called Developer Roadmaps, the collection includes interactive roadmaps, guides, and other educational content. 

It contains guides for over 20 languages, including Python, C++, Java, and Go. It also includes guides for technologies and processes, such as software architecture, system design, cybersecurity, Kubernetes, UX design, and prompt engineering. 

It also includes four sets of best practices for code review, frontend performance, API security, and AWS. 

Developers can seek out a specific guide, or can search by role type. For example, clicking on the Frontend Role will bring up a roadmap of the technologies to learn about and the order to do so. These role-based guides also include FAQs and related roadmaps to branch out learning further. 

More about the project is available on its GitHub page and on its website.