Insomnia Designer is Kong’s recently open sourced collaborative design editor for APIs that aims to make it easier for developers and DevOps teams to create and edit API specifications. 

The software works natively with Insomnia’s testing capabilities to accelerate the development, performance, and stability of REST and GraphQL services. 

“The need for stable, high-performing APIs has never been greater. With digital transformation initiatives in full swing at companies of all sizes and industries, applications are becoming increasingly distributed,” Kong wrote in a post.

Insomnia Designer’s approach is to allow users to create workflows that mirror the way their teams communicate to foster better collaboration and enable GitOps practices by using Git repository as a single source of truth. 

Kong also released plugins that enable Insomnia Designer users to automatically embed Kong Gateway policies directly into their API specification files, which allows all configurations for the Kong Gateway and API to be stored in the same Git repository. 

Key features include a single, collaborative space for developer teams to collaborate on APIs, automatically generated configurations for both Kubernetes and Kong for Kubernetes within the individual API spec file, allowing users to easily search for API design and view critical details, increased automation of developer workflows, and all features in Insomnia Core within an UI/UX optimized for API design workflows.

“In the new era of API-driven applications and architectures, the importance of clean and extensible API design is essential to enable both API consumption and API innovation, and it has long been our goal at Kong to provide open source tools for designing APIs and microservices at scale,” said Marco Palladino, the CTO and co-founder of Kong Inc.