Application life-cycle management provider OutSystems announced last week the release of Agile Platform Version 5.1 for Web application development. Included in the release is a new context-aware feature called IntelliWarp, along with several enhancements for added scalability.

Used to speed up development and delivery, IntelliWarp uses pattern-based technology that enables teams to build a Web application without writing any code. IntelliWarp “leverages” data patterns and automatically generates functionality, explained Mike Jones, vice president of marketing at OutSystems. For example, he said, IntelliWarp understands the concept of an Excel spreadsheet and can create an environment to interpret its information.

Enhancements to Agile Platform 5.1 include support for multiple databases, catalogs or schemas, advanced database security options and server-side caching of business logic, database queries, and Web services. Additionally, Agile Platform includes enhanced built-in support for search engine optimization, and new APIs to support automatic generation of design documentation.

Agile Platform 5.1 is available now in four editions: community (a free version), basic, professional and enterprise.