QASymphony has announced new functionality for qTest eXplorer, bringing their leading testing solution to enterprise with web testing, mobile app testing, and cloud storage integration. This a huge step for Atlanta-based company, that also just closed a $2.5MM Series A.

“qTest eXplorer is the only test recording solution directly connected to the cloud, transforming how application testing is managed across the organization. We fully expect rapid adoption of qTest eXplorer by Agile-based enterprise organizations as they adopt agile testing methodologies and exploratory testing into their organizations,” said David Keil, CEO. “Enterprises are under more pressure than ever to deliver software in a fast paced environment. We solve the management and oversight challenges that businesses face as they struggle with the challenge of multiple environments and rapid-development cycles.”

In addition to qTest eXplorer’s cloud storage solution, the revolutionary recording and annotation tool now supports web testing. This makes qTest eXplorer available to users on all operating systems, from Windows to Mac to Linux. Mobile app testing functionality for both Android and iOS is the other exciting new addition in this release. qTest eXplorer is an ideal solution for mobile testing as exploratory testing is designed to optimize agile methodology documentation.

QASymphony has already established their leadership in the industry and has built an impressive enterprise client base that enjoys the visibility and control that qTest eXplorer provides while keeping up with the pace of continuous delivery. “In evaluating test case management tools, qTest eXplorer provided a unique offering that allowed us to both decrease time spent by testers documenting defects, as well as time spent by developers reproducing and resolving those defects. These new editions of eXplorer for Mobile and Web platforms excite us, as we will be able to leverage this valuable technology across the various different environments supported by Vonage’s cutting edge platform,” explained Jerry Loch, Director of Quality Assurance at Vonage Business Solutions.