MKS Inc.: MKS continues to expand into the enterprise with significant upgrades to Source Integrity Enterprise Edition and Integrity Manager, including an innovating federated server architecture.
CollabNet Inc.: Brings open-source collaboration tools to enterprise development.
Merant Inc.: PVCS Dimensions is still the change-management solution to beat.
Pragma Systems Corp.: ProcessMax delivers the Capability Maturity Model to the masses.
Rational Software Corp.: Now part of IBM, ClearCase holds mind share for source-configuration management.
Serena Software Inc.: ChangeMan brings unprecedented breadth to change management.
SteelTrace Ltd.: Graphical tools expand requirements management beyond techies.
TeamShare Inc.: Innovates in broad-reaching product life-cycle management tools.
Telelogic Inc.: Automated change management brings Synergy to dev teams.
VA Software Corp.: Links tools and components into complete collaborative environment.

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