Trolltech AB: Qt and Qt Embedded have become the libraries of choice for developers who wish to build cross-platform applications in C++. Innovations in scripting and integration set Trolltech apart in 2002.
ComponentOne LLC: Early .NET leader with GUI component subscriptions for VS.NET.
Dundas Software Ltd.: Charting innovator powers up .NET clients and ASP.NET servers.
ILOG Inc.: Multiplatform innovator in business rules and analysis components.
Infragistics Inc.: Leads with Java and C#-based .NET suites and common object model.
Logic Library Inc.: Logidex emerged as leading component archive for Java and .NET.
Rogue Wave Software Inc.: C++ component mainstay stands out with Bobcat servlet container.
Select Business Solutions Inc.: Component Architect brings rigor to the design of reusable software.
Software FX Inc.: Leading component maker offers key chart extensions for .NET.
Visual Numerics Inc.: IMSL Java libraries showed that math isn’t just for Fortran and C++.

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