MySQL AB: Not only has MySQL become part of the essential troika of open-source software, with Linux and Apache HTTP Server, but in 2002 the database gained a strong following among enterprise developers.
Ascential Software Corp.: Suite of data profiling and transformation tools remains without equal.
Crystal Decisions Inc.: Continues advancing as the de facto standard for database reporting.
DataDirect Technologies Inc.: Innovative JDBC/ODBC connectors address back-end performance.
Embarcadero Technologies Inc.: For data architects, DT/Studio and ER/Studio are the ones to beat.
IBM Corp.: WebSphere Everyplace is a new take on remote data access.
Microsoft Corp.: SQL Server is ubiquitous on Windows— and, now, on Windows CE.
Oracle Corp.: While DB2 and SQL Server gain traction, Oracle remains dominant.
Sybase Inc.: iAnywhere has emerged as a leader in mobile relational databases.
Thought Inc.: Leads O/R mapping by covering nearly every database and app server.

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