BPEL4WS Consortium: IBM and Microsoft clobbered Sun’s WSCI at the orchestration game.
Eclipse Consortium : Despite its early history and controversial dispute with Sun’s NetBeans project, IBM’s Eclipse open-source IDE project took a commanding lead, winning incredible third-party acceptance.
Embedded Linux Consortium: All key vendors collaborate to unify and enhance the platform.
International Organization for Standardization: ISO standards blessing is key for languages such as Microsoft’s C#.
Java Community Process: Rules Java, despite the proliferation of closed vendors’ “standards.”
OASIS: The powerful Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards consortium controls ebXML, UBL, UDDI and now BPEL4WS.
Object Management Group Inc.: Moved slowly on UML 2.0, but ruled with Model Driven Architecture.
UnitedLinux: Alliance of Linux Lilliputians caught the big companies’ attention.
W3C: Exerts influence on key specs, such as HTML, SOAP, WSDL and XML.
Web Services Interoperability Organization: Despite nasty politics, WS-I’s the best hope for real Web services interoperability.

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