BEA Systems Inc.: Having started out as an integration vendor, BEA continues to excel in its area, most recently with its Liquid Data presenting a new approach to the aggregation of disparate information sources.
Actional Corp.: SOAPswitch demonstrated Web services aggregation innovation.
Data Junction Corp.: Integration Studio is at the cutting edge of EAI and Web services.
Fiorano Software Inc.: Tifosi offered a unique and compelling view of visual app integration.
Hit Software Inc.: With Allora, presented a leading system for XML data exchange.
IBM Corp.: Despite its new name, MQSeries stays at the front of the message queue.
Sonic Software Corp.: Created a bandwagon for enterprise service bus-based architecture.
SpiritSoft Ltd.: SpiritWave excels beyond JMS with caching and traffic management.
TIBCO Software Inc.: Major message-bus vendor expanded beyond proprietary specs.
webMethods Inc.: Integration software keeps adapting to evolving platform standards.

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