JBoss Group LLC: Despite its inability to garner official J2EE certification from Sun, the JBoss app server captured significant mind share over the past year, and the company has emerged as a top Java contender.
Apache Software Foundation: The project’s Tomcat servlet container is the standard J2EE issue.
Apple Computer Inc.: Finally, Mac OS X is a platform that developers want to target.
BEA Systems Inc.: Market presence and technical excellence keep WebLogic ahead.
IBM Corp.: WebSphere emerged as the one J2EE platform everyone supports.
Mainsoft Corp.: Clearest solution for extending Windows apps to run on Unix.
Microsoft Corp.: The .NET Framework and CLR set everyone’s agenda for 2002.
Novell Inc.: Rebranded SilverStream app server remains a top Java runtime.
Oracle Corp.: Platform leader based on fast runtime, 9iDB and 9iAS integration.
Sun Microsystems Inc.: Solaris and J2EE, more than Sun ONE, keep Sun software on top.

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