Microsoft Corp.: Bill Gates & Co. took over the 2002 agenda with the release of the .NET platform, and of the revamped Visual Studio .NET and C# language. Through plugins and partners, it’s the IDE standard.
ActiveState Corp.: First professional-quality IDE for script-language developers.
Altova Inc.: XML Spy family emerged as the de facto standard schema editor.
Apache Software Foundation: Ant build tool improves on Make, and won Java developers’ hearts.
BEA Systems Inc.: WebLogic Workshop leads drive to visual Web services assembly.
Borland Software Corp.: Leading independent tools vendor is programmer’s powerhouse.
Macromedia Inc.: Rich Web dominance and MX family is no “Flash” in the pan.
Metrowerks: The Motorola subsidiary’s CodeWarrior rules every major embedded platform.
Migratec Inc.: Struggling firm has innovative solution for 64-bit migration.
PreEmptive Solutions Inc.: Tool for compressing and obfuscating binaries essential for ISVs.