A single mobile codebase enables innovation, lessens maintenance

AVAILABLE NOW Are you building apps for multiple devices and now stuck with managing multiple source codes? We’ll show you how HCL Volt MX enables you to manage a single code base so you can build once and deploy everywhere — from native mobile apps and PWAs to wearables and kiosks. Join us for this … continue reading

How Mobile Game Cheats Unlock Mobile App Security Lessons

AVAILABLE NOW How is cheating in mobile games relevant to mobile app security in other industries? In this presentation, we highlight the top three most common areas of compromise for most mobile apps by exploring the underlying techniques used to hack and cheat  popular games. As a next step, we identify several easy countermeasures for … continue reading

CI/CD benchmarks for high-performing teams in 2021

AVAILABLE NOW Diving into the effectiveness of your delivery capabilities can tell you a lot. Do your deploys require frequent cross-team coordination? When production breaks, does it take a long time to get it up and running again? Are you getting feedback and results from your changes quickly? Join CircleCI’s Technical Content Marketing Manager, Ron … continue reading

How to Empower Your Remote Testing Team to Deliver Perfect Mobile Apps

AVAILABLE NOW With many teams still working remotely because of the pandemic, distributed workforces have become the new normal. Some companies have announced a permanent work-from-home system as a result of the pandemic. In a recent survey by Kobiton, most companies with remote testing teams are struggling with device access and the ability to replicate customer bugs, resulting … continue reading

Writing Code that Stands the Tests of Modern AppSec

AVAILABLE NOW When much of the world went remote in 2020, digital transformation caused whiplash for organizations and development teams were no exception. The push for speedier software production in a hybrid workforce environment has resulted in the use of more third-party integrations and the need for flexible, accessible cloud infrastructures – which can quickly … continue reading

AI in Testing: Not Just A Buzzword

AVAILABLE NOW The list of buzzwords goes on and on, but Artificial Intelligence (or AI) looks like it’s here to stay. This year, the latest World Quality Report reported that 86% of their respondents say that an AI offering is now a key criterion for selecting new QA solutions. Join Kobiton CTO Frank Moyer and … continue reading

Value Stream Management, One Year Later

AVAILABLE NOW As the practice of value stream management matures, new ways to look at it have emerged, including the kinds of platforms being used and even where in an organization the practice can be implemented. Join our panel of experts, who in a power talk last year outlined what problems value stream management can … continue reading

How to Effectively Manage the Modern Risks of Open-Source Code

AVAILABLE NOW Today’s modern applications depend on of a substantial amount of open source components and third-party libraries, and developers acknowledge that utilizing open source allows them to focus more on unique code attributes instead of recreating what’s already been successfully established. Although organizations acknowledge a heightened level of security, license, and operational risk, unfortunately, … continue reading

Understanding Infrastructure Lifecycle Management and its Role in Scaling Enterprise DevOps

AVAILABLE NOW For as long as people have created and run software, the two sides—build and operations—have worked at cross-purposes. Developers want to go fast and deliver more frequently, while operations teams need to ensure the releases are secure, adhere to governance policies, and are available. DevOps attempts to bridge those worlds, by empowering developers … continue reading

How to get developers hooked on security

AVAILABLE NOW AppSec is dead. Long Live DevSecOps. Application security traditionally happened after development was finished, something to be bolted on for protection.  In traditional top down implementations, developers weren’t a part of security and didn’t give it much consideration beyond some testing. Today, security is top of mind in most organizations, which have come … continue reading

Moving from a Relational Model to NoSQL

AVAILABLE NOW Businesses are quickly moving to NoSQL databases to power their modern applications. However, a technology migration involves risk, especially if you have to change your data model. What if you could host a relatively unmodified RDBMS schema on your NoSQL database, then optimize it over time? Through live demonstrations and detailed examples, this … continue reading

SEO QA – What is it and why should you implement it?

AVAILABLE NOW Agile engineering teams need to focus on delivering high quality code at pace. However, ensuring releases don’t negatively impact search engine optimization (SEO) often sits way down the priority list. But what if you could rapidly automate SEO tests as part of the QA process, fully integrate them into the CI / CD … continue reading

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