ServiceNow acquires DotWalk

ServiceNow, an organization that brings users high quality digital workflows, today announced that it has acquired the AI solutions organization, DotWalk. This collaboration will help users keep pace with technology maintenance by automating software application testing and achieving seamless upgrades with accelerated speed. 

When running natively on ServiceNow’s automated test framework, DotWalk’s AI-powered regression testing and its ability to take the up front costs out of transitioning from manual to automated application testing will help users absorb innovation and drive business value. 

Yugabyte DB 2.11 updates 

The development team from the distributed SQL database, Yugabyte, today announced the release of YugabyteDB 2.11. This release enables developers to use PostgreSQL features without compromising resilience, scale, or performance. Additionally, YugabyteDB 2.11 extends the database’s PostgreSQL compatibility even further.

Highlighted features of the release include Foreign Data Wrappers (FDW), Gin indexes, collation support, and read committed isolation level for concurrent transactions. FDWs allow PostgreSQL databases to treat tables in remote databases as locally available tables. This enables developers to write queries that access data in the external data source as if they were coming from a table in the PostgreSQL database. 

Read committed transaction isolation is another key feature of this release. In addition to supporting serializable and snapshot, with this, YugabyteDB 2.11’s default isolation level in PostgreSQL is read committed transaction isolation.

Merico launches Dev Lake

The team at Merico, the code analytics solution, announced the release of its new open-source tool for developers, Merico Dev Lake. Dev Lake is a powerful open source dashboard and analysis tool that works to bring developers clarity and save them time by compiling and visualizing the data hidden inside dev tools into a centralized viewpoint. 

With Dev Lake, users are able to configure and personalize dashboards and metrics to match their needs and goals. Dev Lake also enables users to have total visibility as well as the capability to connect to multiple different data sources including GitHub, GitLab, JIRA, Jenkins, and others.

Foxit announces eSignature and PDF editing solution

Foxit, a provider of innovative PDF products and services, recently announced the availability of Foxit PDF Editor 11.2, bringing several upgrades across the solution. This release brings users the integration of Foxit eSign, enabling users to create, edit, and sign documents all within their PDF editor.

In addition to an integration with Foxit eSign, Foxit PDF Editor 11.2 includes several enhanced capabilities, including 

  • The ability to efficiently collaborate on document creation
  • Effectively review documents with team members, customers, and clients
  • Self-sign various types of documents 
  • Easily collect signatures from multiple contacts to manage the signature workflow
  • And actively monitor the status of all documents and send reminders to collaborators

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