SOA Software, an API Management and Cloud Integration leader that helps businesses accelerate their digital transformation by securely extending their reach across multiple channels, today announced the latest release of API Management solution. The solution now provides the broadest support for API description languages including RAML, Swagger, WSDL, and WADL. With SOA Software’s API Management platform’s support for multiple API Description Languages (API DL), enterprises can secure, manage, and monetize APIs described in RAML, Swagger, WSDL, or WADL consistently across the enterprise from one platform. Customers no longer have to make the choice of an API DL based on what a platform can or cannot support.

In addition, customers don’t have to choose just one API DL for the entire enterprise. They can allow each team to chose the API DL that best suits the way they work and yet have consistent centralized control to ensure the APIs meet enterprise standards and policies. The architecture team may choose RAML to design the API top down and generate the initial stubbed code. The developers may then choose to document the final code by running Swagger codegen that is then displayed in the developer portal.

“API DL languages are still evolving. New API languages are emerging and as of now, there is no clear leader. The API language that is right for one organization may not fit the working style of the next organization.” said Alistair Farquharson, CTO of SOA Software. “SOA Software’s API Management platform’s API DL capability has been designed with the changing API DL landscape and the dynamic enterprise in mind. Most enterprise will have at least two API DL to manage at one time, especially if they have any existing SOAP-based APIs.”

Multi-API DL is supported by SOA Software’s platform throughout the API lifecycle, enabling users to manage wherever in the lifecycle they choose. For example, a user may choose to forgo design time management and just manage in the runtime. The API DL can be imported directly into:

  • SOA Software’s Lifecycle Manager for design time governance and deployment automation. Once imported, design time policies can be validated and runtime policies can be attached automatically. With one click in Lifecycle Manager, the user can automate the deployment of the API to the API Gateway and to Community Manager.
  • SOA Software’s API Gateway for runtime management where security, operational, mediation and quality of service policies can be applied and cloud integrations and orchestrations can be performed.
  • SOA Software’s Community Manager for developer engagement and onboarding. Community Manager allows the API Providers to control publication, manage documentation, promote and support their APIs.

Additionally, Software’s AnySource Asset Adapter can integrate with SCM and build tooling to generate the API DL of your choice directly from the source code and import into SOA Software’s Lifecycle Manager.

For more information about SOA Software API Management platform, click here.