Google announced a developer preview of local home SDK to enhance smart home integrations.

The SDK will enable developers to do this by building on the existing Smart Home platform to create local execution paths via Google smart speakers and Nest smart displays, according to Google. 

It introduces two new intents: ‘Identify’ to verify that device IDs match those from the Smart home API and ‘Reachable_Devices’ which is triggered and treats as a proxy for local communication. 

The full list of capabilities can be viewed here

AWS Toolkit extension for Visual Studio Code available
The AWS Toolkit extension for Visual Studio Code is now available, simplifying the process of creating serverless applications. The toolkit supports Node.js, Python and .NET. 

Using AWS Toolkit developers can test code locally with step-through debugging in a Lambda-like environment, deploy applications to an AWS Region, invoke Lambda functions locally or remotely and specify function configurations such as event payload and environment variables. 

“The AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code takes the next step, allowing you to manage the entire edit, build, and deploy process from your preferred development environment,” Amazon wrote in a post. “It’s simple to create or update stacks, allowing you to quickly iterate until you complete your application.”

Windows 10 goes passwordless
Microsoft announced that it is releasing the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18936, which will allow users to go passwordless with Microsoft accounts on their device.

Microsoft said this new feature will provide a “more seamless sign-in experience.” It also mentioned that the feature is currently rolled out to a small portion of Insiders and the option may not show up until a “week or so.” 

In addition, the build expanded the availability of the phone screen feature to more Surface devices. It also includes general changes, improvements and fixes for PC which can be viewed here