Postman version 6.1 has been released, with new workspace features for enterprises. It now allows Postman Enterprise users to create private workspaces that can be shared with specific team members.

The private workspace will only be visible to the user who created it and those that have been invited to join it. According to the company, this is a way for teams to restrict access to collections, environments, mocks, and monitors to the audiences they are relevant to.

Rookout releases a production debugger for AWS Lambda
Rookout has announced a production debugger for AWS Lambda. The solution will enable developers to select the part of the code they want to instrument, and then get a full stack trace or any variable state.

According to Rookout, this can all be done without ever stopping or changing anything in the environment. This allows developers to gain visibility into how code behaves in the real world, not just in simulated environments.

“Serverless is a natural evolution path for cloud computing,” said Rookout co-founder and CEO Or Weis. “But it presents new challenges when it comes to debugging. Rookout lifts the veil and lets developers get full debug data from their production Lambda functions while they run serverlessly.”

Apache Traffic Control is now a Top-Level Project
The Apache Software Foundation has announced that Apache Traffic Control is now a Top-Level Project. Apache Traffic Control is used for building, monitoring, configuring, and provisioning large-scale CDNs. It includes a traffic router, traffic monitor, traffic ops, traffic stats and traffic portal.

The project originated at Comcast, was released as an open source project in April 2015, and was donated to the Apache Incubator in July 2016.

Pusher Developer Package is now available
Pusher has released the Pusher Developer Package, which provides developers with access to 13 key services needed for building applications. The package was created in collaboration with other companies including Algolia, Auth0, ButterCMS, Chargebee, Cloudflare, Codeship, DataDog, DigitalOcean, Instabug, MongoDB,, Nexmo and SendGrid.

“We are expecting our Developer Package to be a great go-to resource for developers who are either freelancing or working in smaller companies or startups. As Pusher is a company built by developers for developers, we know the key struggles developers go through when starting to build their projects and getting them to market. This is why we want to enable them to have access to the resources they need to build great products and focus on innovation rather than worry about infrastructure,” said Zan Markan, developer evangelist for Pusher.