The new Live Debugging Heatmap by Rookout is designed to visualize which applications are causing the most problems within a business. 

“We want to give meaningful insights in a quick and visually appealing way,” said Shahar Fogel, the CEO of Rookout. “We have unique insights into where software developers are spending the most time debugging frustrating applications, and can visualize this information so that management can quickly see where time, money, and resources are being exhausted.”

The heatmap includes quick installation via a hosted SaaS that takes minutes to configure, a leaderboard that shows how many bugs were found in production, and an ROI calculator that indicates how much time and money is being saved. 

Ionic Vue for building apps for iOS, Android, and Progressive Web App
Ionic Vue is a native Vue version of Ionic Framework that was written to take advantage of all the new features that recently shipped in Vue 3.

“The release of Ionic Vue demonstrates that any web developer can build performant, cross platform applications with Ionic Framework using the framework of their choice,” Ionic wrote in a blog post.

The company said it plans on releasing Server Side Rendering (SSR) support for Ionic Vue in the future. 

Ignite UI for Blazor
Users can now build rich Blazor WASM (web assembly) and Blazor Server (ASP.NET Core) applications using your existing C# skills and eliminate the need to use JavaScript.

Built on top of a high-performing and feature-rich data chart, the category chart filters the complexities of data visualization into a simplified API that anyone can use.

It also includes many other graphs and charts for any data visualization needs. The full list of charts is available here.

.NET Live TV announced
.NET Live TV aims to bring content to the developer community and innovates ways to interact in real-time. 

“.NET Live TV takes things to a whole new level with the introduction of new shows and a new website. It is a single place to bookmark so you can stay up to date with live streams across several Twitch and YouTube channels and with a single click can join in the conversation,” Microsoft wrote in a blog post.

Apache weekly update
Last week at the Apache Software Foundation saw the release of Teaclave (incubating) 0.1.0, an open-source universal secure computing platform to make computation on privacy-sensitive data safe and simple. 

Additional releases included Apache SkyWalking CLI 0.4.0, Jackrabbit Oak 1.22.5, as well as a new release of Apache Tomcat. 

Also, Apache celebrated 20 years of OpenOffice, the open source application and personal productivity suite.