The Rust Core Team released its annual roadmap that lists rejuvenation and maturation as the 2019 themes for the Rust project. The roadmap is based on surveys and blog posts that were gathered last year.

To scale better, Rust created a Governance Working Group that is devoted to working with each team to improve governance structure and to help pass lessons and strategies between teams.

The team is also looking to finish outstanding requests such as custom registries, custom allocators, async/await, specialization, const generics and generic associated types.

Rust also wants to polish compile times, IDE support and the specification of the language by improving the reference and laying out the unsafe code guidelines. The WebAssembly WG’s work this year includes polishing our wasm support such as debugging.

GitLab 11.10 is available
GitLab 11.10 has been released with an improved Operations Dashboard and new features that improve visibility into multi-project pipelines.

Now, developers can run pipelines against merged results prior to merging to quickly catch errors that would only surface if they rebased often.

GitLab 11.10 also introduces multi-line changing based on the success of one-line changes in a previous release. This allows users to specify which existing lines to remove and introduce multiple lines of additions that can be readily committed from the comment thread interface.

Additional features include Scoped Labels, a more thorough Container Registry cleanup, Composable Auto DevOps, and the ability to purchase additional CI Runner minutes.

Acronis opens core platforms for developers at ISVs, OEMs and service providers
Swiss cyber protection company, Acronis, has opened up its Acronis Cyber Platform to developers at ISVs, OEMs and service providers.

Acronis’ flagship service features a series of APIs supported by SDKs and sample code. The company is opening APIs that were previously only accessible to integration partners like ConnectWise, Microsoft and Google.

“ISVs, OEMs, service providers, customers and partners can differentiate and drive revenue for their businesses by building on the Acronis Cyber Platform and accessing the Acronis value chain,” said Serguei “SB” Beloussov, founder and CEO of Acronis.

Archanan announces Archanan Development Cloud beta launch
Archanan, provider of cloud-based development environments, announced the beta launch of Archanan Development Cloud, which enables large-scale code building and testing.

Organizations can explore the implementation of personalized virtual test environments based on an at scale emulation of their production system in the cloud and can custom construct system designs to test their codes on.

“By virtualizing production systems and emulating them in the cloud, organizations are able to enact new and much more efficient ‘at scale’ development workflows that eliminate bottlenecks and the down time associated with development queues and port-over failures,” said Alex Nodeland, CEO and co-founder of Archanan.